Here are step-by-step guidelines on how learners can access Microsoft Teams through the website and the Microsoft Teams app after setting up 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication):

Accessing Microsoft Teams via

1. Open Your Web Browser
– Open your preferred web browser and navigate to [](

2. Sign In
– Click on the “Sign In” button at the top right corner of the page.
– Enter your college email address and password to log in.

3. Two-Factor Authentication
– Since you have 2FA enabled, complete the authentication process. This might involve entering a verification code sent to your phone or approving a notification on a verification app, depending on how you set up 2FA.

4. Access Microsoft 365 Dashboard
– Once authenticated, you will be taken to the Microsoft 365 dashboard.

5. Launch Microsoft Teams
– Find the Microsoft Teams icon on the dashboard and click on it to launch the Microsoft Teams web application.

Accessing Microsoft Teams via the Teams App

1. Download/Install the Microsoft Teams App
– If you don’t already have the Teams app installed on your device, download it from the Microsoft Teams website( or your mobile device’s app store.

2. Open the Teams App
– Launch the app once the installation is complete.

3. Sign In
– Click on “Sign In” and enter your college email address and password.

4. Two-Factor Authentication
– Authenticate using the 2FA method you set up previously.

5. Access Your Teams
– After authentication, you’ll be brought to the Teams homepage where you can see all your teams and channels, and begin collaborating with your classmates.

Remember to always keep your login details and 2FA setup secure.