Follow these step-by-step instructions to log in to Microsoft Teams using your WM College email and to set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

Step 1: Find Your Student Number

Locate your student number on your WMC student ID card. This number is unique to you and will be used to create your college email address.

Step 2: Construct Your College Email Address

Using your student number, construct your email address in the following format:

For example, if your student number is 256124, your email address becomes:

Step 3: Create Your Temporary Password

  1. If you are a new learner, reset your temporary password by following this tutorial How To Setup Two-Factor Authentication via | iLearn – WM College Learner Hub. See below for an example of how a temporary password is generated.
    1. The initial of your first name (capital letter) e.g. Samira S 
    2. The initial of your surname (lowercase letter) e.g. Hussain h 
    3. Your month of birth numerically e.g. April = 04 
    4. Your year of birth numerically e.g. 1974 = 1974 
    Password is Sh041974
  2. If you are a returning learner and you have forgotten your previously reset password or it is not working, you can reset it again by following this tutorial How to reset your password | iLearn – WM College Learner Hub

Step 4: Access Microsoft Teams

Once you have set up 2FA, access Microsoft Teams either through or by downloading the Microsoft Teams app from your app store.

You are now all set to use Microsoft Teams with your WM College email account.