The British Library are gearing up for a summer apprenticeship recruitment campaign and are offering a 2-day session starting on Friday 20th May @10.00am for candidates who may be interested in completing either a Customer Service or Business Administration apprenticeship. Please see below for more details and information on how to book a place to attend the event.

Who is the event for?

For people form the local community who are interested in completing an apprenticeship at the British Library. They have limited spaces available and would like to engage with as many people who meet the government eligibility requirements for apprenticeships to support positive outcomes. These are:

  • Cannot have significant experience in the subject of the apprenticeship they are interested in. For example, we cannot access funding for people who have significant experience in customer service from working in a shop, or as a manager on a customer service apprenticeship.
  • Cannot already have a qualification in a similar field. For example, business management qualification, if wanting to complete business administration.
  • They must have the right to work in the UK
  • They must be able to commit to work 30 hours per week

How to register interest in attending: To book a place and attend the event, please email Camden Apprenticeship team or call 0207 974 1127 and we arrange to meet you at our officers at 5 Pancras Square prior to the session on Friday 20th May at 9.45am.


Event Details

Day 1: Friday 20-May (10:00-12:45)



Welcome- about the Library  


Tour of the Library Site  




Entry Level roles at the BL  


Meet some of our apprentices/ library assistants
  Day 2: 01-Jun (13:00-15:00)


Speed Networking- with hosting teams  


Eligibility Requirements (Hawk Training)  


Application support session  

For more information on apprenticeships at the British Library visit our website Apprenticeships – The British Library – The British Library (