Your online responsibilities

To understand your online responsibilities at WM College and to keep everyone safe, you need to look at:

Each learner is assigned a college email address in the format: For optimal access, it is advised to use the Microsoft Outlook app.

The number on your WMC student ID card corresponds to your student number. So, if for example, your student number is 256124, your email address becomes

To initiate your first login, apply the temporary password (see the information below). After accessing your account, it’s important to establish 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication). For guidance on setting up 2FA, please refer to the link at the end of this page.


Please consult your tutor for guidance on the usage of the temporary password, or reach out to the Digital Learning team by emailing for assistance.  

How To Guides: Password Reset and Two-Factor Authentication

Ready to enhance your security? 🛡️ Click below for step-by-step instructions on setting up Two-Factor Authentication!