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    Welcome to the Learning Support section of iLearn.  

    • About Us

      There is general information in this sOfficeection about the Learning Support department, procedures and files to help you understand how we work with learners.

      Our Learning Support team is here to help students with a disability including specific learning needs. To ensure that the neediest students are prioritised, we allocate support on the basis of our priorities for supporting students.  This is because funds and therefore resources for providing learning support remain limited.

      We are committed to supporting students in a variety of ways so learners will be advised about availability of learning support and also college facilities and other relevant support services known to us outside of college. 

      Our office, pictured right, is on the ground floor for easy access in room 101.

      The Support Strategy flow chart below provides a quick view of how support is arranged and delivered 

      The full Support Strategy document gives more information about the nature of the department and support

      The PowerPoint presentation is an overview of the development of the support department which was delivered to external organisations and other adult colleges.

      What Osfted said:

      "Care and support for students are outstanding, covering all aspects of study, pastoral care and financial support." Oftsed 2013

      The following staff are key contacts for students with learning difficulties or disabilities:

      ÆLearning Support Manager                        Jacqueline Forrester             ext 752

      ÆDisability Officer                                          Ali Hussein                              ext 752

    • Disability Support

      If you have a disability we will try to meet your individual needs.  

      Our Disability Officer works closely with the Learning Support team and all teachers managers in the college and is on hand to discuss your needs.  
      You can inform us of your need by contacting Additional Learning Support: 0207255 4752 or by emailing disability@wmcollege.ac.uk

      Resources are limited so we will allocate support on the basis of individual needs to ensure our students in most need have priority. 
      However, support available includes:

      • Information on access to the building including orientation before courses start
      • Support needs assessment including dyslexia and or dyspraxia assessments and support
      • Organising access arrangements for exams based on individual need, evidence must be provided
      • Arranging use of equipment and resources to assist learning 

      Dictaphone in use

      Equipment for learners with a specific need include:
      Coloured overlay in use

      • Big key keyboard - larger size mouse - Screen filter - Zoom text
      • Adjustable chair - foot rest 
      • Dictaphone - Audio Note Taker - Inspiration
      • Coloured overlays - coloured reading ruler: a test will be conducted to identify appropriate colour 

    • Learning Support

      Support ring

      This section gives brief information about the types of Learning Support available to students both at the main site in Crowndale Rd and in most off-site locations.  More information is available even before you enrol by contacting Additional Learning Support 020 7255 4752 or by emailing enrol@wmcollege.ac.uk 

      Learning Support may include:

      Access - We try to make all programmes and activities accessible to all students. Let us know if you have access needs and we will do our best to meet them.

      In-class support or support workshops and small group support - are available for eligible students who require additional support on specific courses.

      Dyslexia support - is provided one to one and sometimes in small groups with a specialist dyslexia support tutor for students assessed as dyslexic and in some cases where students struggle with organisation workloads and meeting deadlines.

      What supported learners have said: 

      "Thanks for the support; the course was very important for me and I would like to continue onto another course"

      "I am very pleased in my classes with how i am progressing. The support is very good"

      Please be aware - learning support is not available on some courses because of the way they are funded. Funds available for providing Learning Support are limited, therefore all support is subject to availability of resources and to the application of priorities for supporting students.  

      • Requesting Learning Support

        Working together

        This section gives brief information about accessing Learning Support that is available to students both at the main site in Crowndale Rd and in most off-site locations.  More information is available even before you enrol by contacting Learning Support: 020 7255 4752 or by emailing enrol@wmcollege.ac.uk 

        Supporting learners with learning - Support is available to all students who qualify  
        WMC actively promotes equality & diversity and we welcome students from all sections of the community.  Learning Support ensures everyone is treated impartially and ensure we all become knowledgeable about ways to help, support and work together but in and outside of college.  

        To request or ask for support: 

        • Speak with your teacher and complete a (yellow) referral form
        • Ask at Student Services (Reception) and you will be given a referral form
        • Come to room 101, the Learning Support office

        The Learning Support leaflet below contains more information about Learning Support available and how to access it

        You can find the leaflet in Student Services (our reception area) and outside the Learning Support office on the ground floor (room 303).  We also have a student information area in the rear of the college Ruskin Cafe where you will find this and further support information.

        You will also find: 

        further information about support available

        steps for booking an appointment

        a copy of the referral form - it is not possible to complete it online and send it electronically.  Forms are available from Student Services and the Learning Support office - room 303

      • Exam arrangements

        Some learners may require access arrangements, specific equipment or additional time for exams.  We will assist with these, if we have the correct information and appropriate evidence is provided to us within a specific time before exams take place. 

      • Dyslexia Support

      • Meet some of our team