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      Visit the Library (Room 601)

        - Borrow books, use computers for your course work or just find a quiet place to read or study
        - Library staff are available to give assistance and answer enquiries
        - Self-service scanning and photocopying facilities and free wifi are provided
        - Access a wide range of resources, including key texts needed to complete your study

      The beautiful and historic Library, dating back to 1904-06, is situated in its original location within the building.  It is an open and inclusive space designed to inspire learning, invite interaction and facilitate access to information. The Library offers learners a wide range of resources including books, ebooks, audio CDs, CD-ROMs, a small selection of journals and newspapers, plus computer facilities with free internet access. We also offer learners a quiet place in which to study alone or in groups, with helpful and knowledgeable staff on hand if you need assistance. Specialist equipment such as back cushions and dictaphones can be provided on referral.  You can also join Camden Libraries through us.


      If you'd like to learn more about the services available to you, please ask a member of staff to schedule an induction or email us at libstaff@wmcollege.ac.uk


      We offer access to networked PCs, laptops and Macs all with a range of software to support course work and learning. Free internet access and wifi are provided. PCs can be booked in advance for an initial use period of up to 2 hours. A scanner and printers are also provided. Printing charges apply.

    • FAQs / How do I...?

      Library services
      01. How do I join the Library?
      02. How do I search for a library book or other material?
      03. How many books/items can I borrow and for how long?
      04. How do I renew a book/item loan?
      05. Will I be charged a fine if my book/item on loan is returned late?
      06. How do I return my book/item on loan when the library is closed?
      07. Can I make photocopies in the library?
      Computers & network access
      08. How do I reserve a computer?
      09. How do I access the internet?
      10. How do I access free Wi-Fi?
      11. Are there scanning and printing facilities available in the library?
      Library services
      01. How do I join the Library?
      You need to be enrolled on a course and be in receipt of your WMC Student ID card, which will function as your library card. On your first visit, or first time you borrow an item, your library user account will be activated by a member of library staff.
      02. How do I search for a library book or other material?
      You can access our on-line catalogue (only from within the WMC network) to check availability of resources recommended by your tutor and to find additional material to support your learning. See the 'On-line Catalogue' section of our page for more information. You can also ask a member of library staff for assistance.
      03. How many books/items can I borrow and for how long?
      Students may borrow up to 6 items (Staff may borrow up to 10 items). Most items may be borrowed for 3 weeks (21 days) at a time, and renewed up to 3 times provided no-one else has reserved them. You cannot automatically retain items for the whole duration of your course. Some resources are limited to a short-term loan period (1 week) or even a one-day loan and must be returned by then. Items designated 'Reference' are restricted for use in the Library.
      04. How do I renew a book/item loan?
      In person: simply present your WMC Student ID card at the library counter and ask a member of staff to renew your item loans. You do not have to bring the items with you. 
      By phone: call 0207 255 4736
      By email to libstaff@wmcollege.ac.uk - state your full name and/or your WMC Student number (number is on the front of your Student ID card) and ask to renew your item loans. Please leave a message if the voice mail system is activated.
      Renewal may be declined if a 'reservation' has been placed on the item.
      You can renew a item loan up to 3 times. On the third renewal, the item must be returned to the library for re-issue.
      05. Will I be charged a fine if my book/item on loan is returned late?
      Yes. Fines are charged for late returns: £0.10 a day per item (beginning the day after the 'return by date' recorded for the item). 
      Please make every effort to return or renew overdue items as you may be stopped from borrowing further items if fines are left to build up. Contact us as soon as possible if you are experiencing any difficulties with returning or renewing library material.
      A replacement fee will be charged for non-returned, lost or damaged items.
      06. How do I return my book/item on loan when the library is closed?
      You can return library items to the desk at Reception (Main site) on days or at times when the library is closed but the college is open.
      07. Can I make photocopies in the library?
      A self-service photocopier is available in the Library. You can make A4 and A3 copies in black and white only. Features include reduction and enlargement and also double-sided copying/printing. Seek assistance from library staff if required. 
      Printing charges apply (per side of paper): £0.05 for A4 photocopies / £0.10 for A3 photocopies
      Copyright material should only be photocopied for private study or research and not for non-commercial purposes. As a general guide, limit copying to one chapter from a book or one article from a journal issue, or up to 5% of the given work, whichever is the greater.
      Computers & network access
      08. How do I reserve a computer?
      There are 8 PCs and 1 Mac that can be booked in advance (up to 7 days) for an initial use period of up to 2 hours. 
      To reserve a computer in person: simply present your WMC Student ID card at the library counter and complete a simple booking procedure, i.e. select the day, a computer (subject to availability), the desired time slot (up to 2 hours) and write your initials on the booking sheet against the corresponding session. 
      By phone: call 0207 255 4736 or else email libstaff@wmcollege.ac.uk to ask a member of staff to make a reservation.
      An additional PC is bookable for short periods (15-minute slots) to facilitate quick access, including scanning and printing. A further 4 Macs and 7 laptops are provided on a first-come basis.
      09. How do I access the internet?
      As a registered WMC student you will have access to the internet when you logon to any networked PC, laptop or Mac in the Library. 
      Please use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the browser of choice with PCs and laptops. Safari is installed on the Macs. 
      If you are using your own device, please connect to "WMC Wi-Fi" and register as "New User" to go on-line.
      10. How do I access free Wi-Fi?
      For personal devices: Please connect to WMC Wi-Fi and register as a "New User", which will need to be repeated for every Wi-Fi session. If you can't see the registration page or don't receive a text message with your login details please ask a member of staff in the Library for assistance. 
      Please note each Wi-Fi session lasts for 3 hours. For instructions on how to connect to this SSID please read 'WMC Wi-Fi Instructions for Students' located in the FAQ Downloads section at the bottom of this section.
      11. Are there scanning and printing facilities available in the library?
      An A4 flatbed scanner connected to a networked PC is available for self-service use. There is no charge for scanning. 
      Printing charges apply (per side of paper): £0.05 for A4 black & white prints / £0.40 for A4 colour prints.

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    • Online Catalogue & Resources

      Here to help
      Email us at libstaff@wmcollege.ac.uk

      Please keep in touch if you are unable to attend college.  

      Library items on loan to you during a 'lockdown' (if the college is closed)

      Don’t worry about Library item loans due for return or renewal if the college has to close during a 'lockdown' as these will be renewed automatically until the Library reopens.  Late renewal or return fines will not be charged.

      You can search Library catalogue ('Heritage') for digital and print resources

      Go to http://heritage.wmcollege.ac.uk/Heritage/

      Distance Learning resources for learners

      Your tutor will let you know how distance learning is being used to support your course.

      The Digital Learning Manager has produced a useful listing of distance learning tools and resources at https://sites.google.com/wmcollege.ac.uk/distance-learning-for-learners 

      ReminderYou have free online access at https://www.office.com/ to Microsoft (MS) applications Teams, Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, plus OneDrive for storing your documents.  Login is required using your college email address.

      Your college email address is in the format Student number@wmcollege.ac.uk, but in place of ‘Student number’ you type your Student Number (Std No) shown on the front of your ID badge. Example: 12345@wmcollege.ac.uk 

      Your college email account is on Outlook, accessed via Office.com or Outlook.com or by downloading the Outlook app to your mobile device.

      Access to ebooks and other digital resources

      Please report to libstaff@wmcollege.ac.uk if you get any error message.

      Resources marked * require WMC Login to indicate you are a learner at WMC. Enter your WMC network Student Number and password when prompted.
      Resources marked ** require Sign Up/LogIn (create your Username/Password for Login)
      Resources marked *** are Open Access (Login not required)
      *Ebooks for FE – over 500 ebooks on ProQuest platform


      *Ebooks Fiction (19th & 20th century 'classic' novels) – 47 ebooks on VLeBooks platform


      *Britannica ImageQuest (millions of images, rights-cleared for assignments, classroom activities, projects)


      *The Vogue Archive (US edition) searchable database (from the first issue 1892 to the latest) on ProQuest platform


      ***Audible – collection of stories/fiction in 6 languages to listen online (while schools are closed)


      ***Collins resources to support learning at home (while schools are closed)


      **ESOL English short stories and articles with audio for reading and listening practice at ReadListenLearn website (100 Free)


      ***Finding, evaluating & using information [learning modules] at ProQuest website


      ***Hairdressing and barbering training resources (Levels 1 – 3) at Jisc website (Free)


      *MediaPlus for FE - archival resource of videos, images and sound recordings at Alexander Street website


      ***The Skills Toolkit - National Careers Service portal to free digital and numeracy courses to build your skills


      ***Study skills online resources at Sage Publishing website


    • Learning Centre


      Learning Centre

      For the brochure click here

      Learning Centre is located in Room 101, Level 1

      The College is closed. Please check website for any changes.

      Opening times:

      Term times
      Monday 09:00 - 20:45 
      Tuesday 09:00 - 20:45 
      Wednesday 09:00 -20:45
      Thursday 09:00 - 20:45
      Friday 09:00 - 16:00
      Saturday 09:00 - 16:00

           Holiday/Half Terms
      Monday - Thursday  10:00 - 16:45

            Fridays 09:00 - 16:00  


            Closed during all bank holidays. 

       Closed during these periods: 

       July 21 - September 2021

            Check notices or website for any changes.

      T   Learning Centre Support on offer to learners

          There is a range of support available including the following:

      • IT support with Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, MathsWatch, bksb, and iLearn (Click here for more info)
      • Support to improve your literacy, numeracy and language skills
      • Study skills, course homework or assignment writing for courses
      • Support to improve your computer skills from beginners to advanced learners
      • Support from teachers or Additional Learning Support staff
      • Support with job searching, looking for work, writing a CV or completing application forms
      • Receive careers advice and guidance via our National Careers Advisor in the Library (601) and (101)

      A timetable (below) will be displayed in the Library and various noticeboards around the college and also on iLearn showing current times when this support is available. 


    • What's New



        Welcome to the Library User Quiz

        If you have had a Library Induction then you will find it easy.

        Good Luck!

             Don't to forget to submit at the bottom of the page, when you are finished!! 

    • Opening Times - Term Time


      Term 1 starts Monday, 14 September 2020 (Half term is 26 - 31 October). Term ends Saturday, 12 December.

      Check the WM College website in the event of a 'lockdown'

      Library also here to help via email libstaff@wmcollege.ac.uk  

      Monday 12:00 - 19:30
      Tuesday-Thursday 10:00 - 19:30
      Friday 10:00 - 16:00
      10:00 - 14:00

      Learning Centre

      Monday TBA
      Tuesday TBA
      Wednesday TBA
      Thursday TBA

      • Opening Times - Holidays

        Half term / holidays

        20/21 Term 1 half term holiday 26 - 31 October. Term 1 ends 12 December.

         Library CLOSED during Summer 17 July - 11 September 2021.


        Monday - Friday          
        10:00 - 14:00
        Saturday CLOSED


        Learning Centre 

        Monday - Thursday TBA
        Friday TBA 



        • Contact Library

             020 7255 4736  libstaff@wmcollege.ac.uk

          Have your say!  We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback.

                                Please follow the link below to fill out a feedback form.