Luvain with gourmet burgers (1)

Luvain with gourmet burgers

Written by: Luvain Maximen

We are excited to introduce Eat Well Pay Less (EWPL)! Welcome to our first blog post.

In a nutshell, EWPL is a free five-week cookery course focused on how to cook delicious leaner and greener recipes with confidence on a budget. EWPL sessions have been designed by Luvain Maximen to provide opportunities to build on maths confidence whilst elevating easy to access low-cost ingredients.

We work with numbers to plan, measure, and cook!

We use everyday maths to tell a good deal from a bad one in the supermarket…

We eat together and share the experience of conscious eating – knowing what’s in our food and the benefits. Raising awareness of good health and nutrition – Eating a variety of food from a variety of food groups are key to how we look, think and feel!

EWPL has already stirred up inspiration in our community cooking classes by introducing our heart healthy vegetarian Gourmet Burger recipe. Served with pan seared seasonal veg and a sprinkle of rocket for good measure!

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