How to setup two-factor authentication - WM College

Two factor authentication adds an extra layer of security when you log into your WM college account. You may have used a similar security measure on websites which hold sensitive data, such as online banking.

Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to, select Sign in.

Sign in to Microsoft 365

2. Please enter your college email. This is your student number @ For example if your student number is 75667 than your email would be (please ignore our test email shown in our example).

How to setup two-factor authentication - WM College - 01

3. Please enter your temporary Password, see the information below.

Please consult your tutor for guidance on the usage of the temporary password, or reach out to the Digital Learning team by emailing for assistance.

Enter your password - 2FA - WM College

4. Select Next.

Select Next - 2FA setup - WM College

5.  Select “I want to set up a different method”.

2FA - I want to setup a different authenticator

6.  When asked “Which method would you like to use, Select Phone.

2FA - which method, authenticator app or phone

7.  After Selecting Phone, press Confirm.

2FA - Which method, authenticator app or phone, confirm Phone

8. From the drop down menu, Scroll down and select United Kingdom.

9. Please enter your phone number. Alternatively, you can set up an e-mail address by selecting I want to set up a different method.

Please enter your phone number or email

10. Select Next.

Selext Next

11. Please enter the code sent to your phone number or e-mail and press Next. (See the following two slides)

Enter code sent to your email
Enter code sent to your phone number

12. SMS verified. Your phone was registered successfully. Select Next.

13. You have successfully set up two factor authentication.

You have successfully setup 2FA

14.  Success! Select Done.

Success - click Done