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For learners: back up your data before 23rd July

For learners: back up your data before 23rd July

by Besim Gerguri -
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All PCs and Macs in the college will be ‘reimaged’ over the summer break and this will remove ALL data stored to your designated area (K drive, macshares) as part of maintenance. Also, all the data will be removed from Cloud based services like Google Classroom and Drive, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.  

Please be sure you back up your data using your own personal device or Cloud service to save, for example, your student files and folders and any other files that you need to keep. 

This applies even if you intend to enrol, or have already enrolled, on a course for 2019-2020. 

Term ends 22nd July.  No student access to the Library from 23rd July – 14th September. 

If you need help with this come to our IT drop-in sessions in the Library and see Besim: 
Opening times during Term time: (Mon 13.30-16.30, Tue 10.30-13.30, Wed 11.30-13.30 & 16.30-18.30, Fri 13.30-15.30). 

                             Or via email: